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Frequently Asked questions

Below are a list of answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. For further information, please contact us via our contact page.



Where is my Jayco vehicle identification number and what does it look like?

The Jayco, Inc. vehicle identification number (VIN) is 17 digits long and for towable products is located on the lower side of the “road side” sidewall. Motorized products have the VIN decal located on driver’s door jamb. The VIN is also usually indicated on sales paperwork you received from your selling dealer. The Jayco VIN begins with the digits: “1UJ…”

About Jayco

Does Jayco build customized RVs?

Our recreation vehicles are made on an assembly line and to maximize quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness, no customizing is done. Models are made according to the floorplans and options listed on our website. If you haven't already done so, you may want to visit our product pages to find a floorplan that meets your needs.

Does Jayco build handicapped-accessible RVs?

Although we do not currently build RVs for those with special needs, there is a website that you may want to visit which provides information and links to RV manufacturers that do, as well as information on campsites.

The address is www.handicappedtravelclub.com.

Does Jayco give factory tours?

Yes, we offer tours of our sewing shop and fifth wheel line all year Monday through Thursday at 12 noon when our factory is operating. Although no reservations are required, it is advisable to call ahead to make certain of tour availability. Our number at the Jayco Visitors Center is 1-800-RV-JAYCO.

How can I find the location of the nearest Jayco dealer when I am traveling?

If you have Internet access, you can visit our dealer locator page on our website. You can also call our dealer locator line 1-800-RV-JAYCO and someone will assist you.

Current RV Owners

How can I obtain Jayco parts?

Parts for Jayco recreation vehicles are distributed exclusively by authorized Jayco dealers. For the Jayco dealer nearest you, visit our dealer locator page on our website or call 1-800-RV-JAYCO. Always have the vehicle identification number when you call your dealer for parts. The dealer cannot order parts without that number.

I recently purchased a used Jayco recreation vehicle. Where can I obtain an owner's manual?

Your Jayco dealer has access to a Jayco dealer-only website, and is able to download and e-mail or print the correct manual for you.

Buying & Selling Jayco RVs

Can I come to the factory and purchase my new Jayco recreation vehicle and save money?

We do not sell directly to retail customers. We have chosen to concentrate on planning, development and construction of our recreation vehicles. We have over 300 Jayco dealers in the United States and Canada who are ready to assist you. To find the one nearest you, visit our dealer locator or call 1-800-RV-JAYCO and someone will gladly assist you.

Can you help me determine the towing capacity of my tow vehicle?

To determine the towing capacity of your tow vehicle, you will need to refer to your tow vehicle's owner's manual. Other resources include your local dealer and Trailer Life magazine (TL provides tow ratings for most vehicles at www.trailerlife.com).

Does Jayco have a roadside assistance plan?

Yes, all Jayco motorhomes now come with one free year of Customer First roadside assistance provided by Coach-Net, the largest RV emergency road service in the country. The Jayco exclusive 24-hour Customer First assistance benefits include:

  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • 24-hour toll-free emergency message service
  • Free dispatch of on-site mechanical service 
  • Free tire changes
  • Free lockout services
  • Free custom trip routing and full color map service
  • And many other services

I am going to buy (or sell) an older Jayco recreation vehicle. Can you give me a value?

We suggest that you contact NADA through the web site www.nadaguides.com or by telephone at 1-800-966-6232 for information on the value of older Jayco recreation vehicles in your area. RV values from Kelley Blue Book can also be obtained via telephone at 1-800-BLU-BOOK (1-800-258-2665).

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